Friday equals fun!

I find it so strange how every Friday you are so full of joy and expectation for the wonderful weekend ahead.

Then Sunday evening comes along and fills you with regret that you did nothing you said you were going to do.

Well I plan on eating this –

and drinking some of this –

I wish you all a happy and guilt free weekend.


  1. Patty said:

    mmmmm. Whatever that pie is, I want it!
    This weekend, my husband and I are running away from home, children, grandchildren work and all other responsibilities.
    We have an overnight stay in a resort on the water on one of the American San Juan Islands. We plan on making googly eyes at each other and rotting. Oh yes, food, drink and cribbage.

    • M said:

      welcome patty. the cake is a chocolate bavarian cheesecake cake and it was yum.


  2. Patty said:

    However much is the Zebra tea towel in USD?
    Will it survive bleaching? We have our son and his two boys living with us and they mop up dog spit with my tea towels. So everything must survive a good bleach.

    • M said:

      Hi Patty, the zebra tea towel works out around 15 USD.
      Bleaching damages all fabric over time so I would look for an more natural alternative if possible.


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