Waiting to set up our new home

We keep changing our plans on a daily basis now. Melbourne or Sydney? Sydney or Melbourne? or bum around from one relative to the next until they get sick of us. I wish I could make a decision so we can finally start searching for our new home.

My mum has kindly donated her old sofa which is in fantastic condition. I like the shape but just not sure about the fabric.

I love the idea of a soft grey velvet sofa ( like below) with some hot pink cushions!

(But this could all change tomorrow.)

Pic from Living Etc

  1. Emma said:

    For what its worth, from a Melbourne born girl who loves the Sydney beaches, dont let Melbourne slip out of the ‘relocation’ equation without checking out all our amazing design inspiration. Personally I think Sydney has better year round weather, and the outdoor cafe/social scene reflects this, but Melbourne has a great inner city vibe, beautiful country towns, a huge art culture and an awesome sport culture with the Spring Racing, AFL Football, Cricket, Basketball and more. Enjoy the decision making process, I can’t fault either city, but know this – between both Cities there is HUGE debate about who has the better city!

    • M said:

      thanks emma. melbourne is a great city and we definitely will not let it slip off the list.

  2. i like the shape too and about the gray sofa it’s simple but it’s cool until you get your prefer style 🙂

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