Free interior design magazines

I am not sure if anyone wants my interior design magazines but I can’t bring myself to throw them out. I would love to take them but shipping is too expensive and we have a lot of stuff.

Anyway there about 30 odd interior designs magazines here if anyone wants to pick them up from a Dublin city centre address. Email me at

Ok I have to go back to packing hell.

  1. anne said:

    Hi there

    I would absoluteley love to have your magazines ! Just started an interior design course wtih Limperts and could really use them!

    Are they still available?

    • M said:

      hi anne – sorry but the mags are gone. good luck with the course.


  2. Teresa said:

    Nice site! For those, like Mel, who cannot bare to part with their design mags, a friend suggested donating them to retirement communities and women’s shelters. Pics of a nice home can bring cheer and give hope – inspiring one to create a place of beauty and comfort for themselves.

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