Guest quarters

I suspect we will be receiving loads of visitors when we make our big move to Melbourne. I would love to rent a five bedroom house but I think our budget will put a stop to that dream. Maybe I could find a cheap cabin like below and set it up in the garden??

First spotted on My French Country HomeCabins from Beltima

  1. Lorna said:

    Gorgeous. ARe you going for a holiday? Or moving back there???

  2. M said:

    Lorna – Moving back to Oz for now but hoping to move back to this side of world further down the track.

  3. I love this little cottage! Just goes to show that small needn’t mean shabby. Can’t say I’d give up my current living space, but I’d vacation there in a heartbeat!

    • M said:

      definitely bearable for short term stays.

  4. Lorna said:

    OOoh, we’ll miss you but will enjoy the Australian inspired posts. Safe travelling (when are you off?)

    • M said:

      end of october. eeek!

    • M said:

      hi, its Freshy by Julien De Luca

  5. Doug said:

    Very cool, I wonder if it would work for a college student.

  6. Anonymous said:

    where the bathroom? commode at least

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