The Cupcake holder?

Have you ever wished you had something to carry your 36 cupcakes in? Well today is your lucky day.

I present the cupcake carrier from The Cupcake Courier. I find it so strange such a thing exists but considering how popular cupcakes are these days I guess its not that strange. Thanks Sharnel for the heads up.

Personally I don’t need one as I have a built in cupcake carrier. Its called my stomach!

  1. Lorna said:

    I’m with you on that one Mel, they never last long in this house either

  2. elisabeth lord said:

    We would like to purchase a cake holder to replace a friends item we have broken (accidently). This item is the cup cake courier, three tiered to hold and carry 36 cup cakes.

    Please send cost and how we can order one.
    Thank you

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