House and Home have a new website!

Thanks to the wonderful Elaine for Jaboopee and her fabulous house tour I discovered that House and Home have a new website.

Its full of local yumminess! Lots of house tours and makeovers and a sneak peek at the latest issue. Check it out here.

Pics of Elaine’s living room and master bedroom.

Eimear and Marty’s colourful living and dining room.

And Eva’s bathroom makeover

  1. ereszke said:

    Wow! the first two pictures are a cool combination of ethnic, retro and baroque. I love also the strong red accents in the otherwise bright-coloured living room.

    • M said:

      Elaine certainly knows how to pull a room together. You should check out the rest of her house, its full of colour and interest.

  2. Loving their new website. Eva’s bathroom is fab (I went to college with her). Her kitchen was in last month’s Beautiful Kitchhens – wow, it’s amazing!
    Lovely to find another Irish blogger .. thanks to Elaine’s links :o)

  3. Lorna said:

    It is great their website is up isn’t it and it is soooo good

    • M said:

      its fantastic and I love seeing local house tours

  4. Jimmy said:

    Thanks for all the lovely comments guys! We’re so glad you’re enjoying our new website as much as we are. There’s tons more real homes to come as well!

    Mel we really love reading your blog – it’s great to meet others with the same interests 🙂 Thanks a million for the mention.


    • M said:

      Hi Jimmy – no problem at all. well deserved. and thanks for reading. 🙂

  5. Stacey said:

    I stumbled on your blog from decor8 and i’m so happy i did. I love it! My kind of blog:-).

    • M said:

      Thanks Stacey! And welcome. 🙂

  6. Rob said:

    for Eimear and Marty’s pic. We supplied a lot of bits in that picture. Eimear done a really good job!

    Also Elaine’s living room looks great too. It almost looks like the starting point for the design was the guitars. Thats a Semiacoustic on the wall with black wallpaper works well.

    • M said:

      thanks for stopping by. both rooms are beautiful.

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