Easy Peasy DIY piping tutorial

I am in the process of making covers for my armchair cushions and let me tell you I am not enjoying it one bit!

For some reason I have choosen a fabric that requires extra effort to line up due to the pattern. Then to make matters worse I decided to go with piping!

Now I spent several hours last night cutting, aligning, swearing, stitching, un-stitching, re-cutting and its no where near finished! And I ran out of piping so I can’t finish it until I get some more! And I don’t have a zipper foot for my sewing machine as it is a cheap brand from Littlewoods!

Well I think the running out of piping might just be a blessing in disguise as I think (time will tell) I found an easier way thanks to the Easy Peasy DIY piping tut on the Little Snoring blog.

Now if you are crazy enough here is a tutorial for covering a whole sofa. I am following part of it for the cushions (except the piping bit).

  1. Cliodhna said:

    The result is worth all the pain. I love it. You must feel like skipping every time you walk past your sofa and catch a glimpse.

    • M said:

      I am still working on my covers. 😦 But I will be so happy and proud when I get around to finishing them.

  2. Kathy Laiao said:

    thanks for this.. the next item on my list is to get me a sewing machine =)

    • M said:

      Kathy – oh do!. My sewing machine is a god send for small jobs around the house.

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