Black paint right, its brilliant!

Black paint really is amazing. You can make a room go from bland to … hmmm what rhythms with bland and means beautiful?

Umm… damn! I should have thought this through. Anyway here are some pretty pictures.

The before pic (from At Home At Home blog)

the after pic

And this bedroom makeover makes me want to run out and buy some black paint. (from Diversion Project)

  1. Will said:

    Starting to love black more and more now!

    • M said:

      Its a colour i never thought i would like for walls but the more i see rooms with painted black walls the more i like it.

  2. Lorna said:

    Hmmm, like the pics but I wouldn’t live with it.

    • M said:

      I guess a wall with a big black bird would definitely be out of the question then? 🙂

  3. kitchen looks stunning
    i could so do that to your kitchen when we move back into our house in august

    • M said:

      Can’t wait to see the results Richy.

  4. I do love the black and white or black and red look.. but for a small space I have to use those colors in much smaller scale =)

  5. Doug said:

    The black definitely makes a difference.

  6. wow, that really makes the kitchen pop! I really like the black.

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