DIY: A Beaded Chandelier

Thats beaded people not bearded chandelier. That would be just weird.

Now I think this DIY is a must for you lucky people who have gardens. Perfect for sipping some cheap bubbly under.

  1. Thanks for linking to my chandelier, Mel! Maybe next time I will make a bearded chandelier. Do you think beards could be the new moustache? 🙂

    • M said:

      you are very welcome heather. beards rule! just not on chandeliers. 🙂

  2. Lorna said:

    I did read it as bearded and really did a double take!
    Lovely chandelier Heather

  3. Brilliant..wish I could figure out how to put the electricals in there too!

    • M said:

      Hi Jen – Once you get that skill down the sky is the light when it comes to lighting.

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