Kitchen Envy

When I grow up I want a kitchen with a kitchen island so my grown up friends can sit around drinkiing wine while I CALMLY whip up a magnificent feast. Oh the fun we would have in my fantastic grown up kitchen. In reality I just order in and I have no friends.

Today I am drooling over this beautiful, serene kitchen designed by Artistic Designs For Living.

  1. I’m your friend! I’ll sit in that kitchen with you and eat the ordered in food.

  2. Will said:

    This would be such fun! Very Nora Walker from Brothers and Sisters!

  3. M said:

    thanks mise and you can tell me all about your collection of slippers.

    Will – excellent! as long as i don’t actually have to invite my brothers and sisters.
    (Only joking B, D, J, C and J – I know you all read my blog everyday)

  4. Lorna said:

    I know the feeling – I would love to get an Aga or Aga type cooker but as my husband calmly reminded me, the possession of an Aga wouldn’t turn me into a Nigella Lawson or Rachel Allen or Clodagh McKenna, whereas I had the image of me whisking up wonderful meals while a friends chats to me from the comfy armchair beside the cooker!!

  5. albaper said:

    Nice kitchen! I like to see water and fire as opposites, also in space… and I love the grey ceramic “bricks” of the walls.

  6. Liz said:

    Fab kitchen in general but I am officially in LOVE with the tiles…fabulous!

  7. M said:

    Lorna – its nice to have unrealistic dreams.
    Albaper and Liz – I am with you on those tiles. they have to be the most divine tiles ever!
    Kellie – its almost to stunning to mess up.

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