House Tour: Cisco Pinedo

Lori over at Automatism has just posted the most beautiful bathroom ever! I just had to find out more so I clicked through to the original source and found more pics of Cisco’s stunning house. Wood is definitely going to feature in my dream home.

Just love the black frames on the windows, the warm hue of the wood, the separte bath and shower, the double sinks.

The Kitchen – perfection!

Cisco feels you should fill the house with family and friends, not stuff. I totally agree.

Look at those window frames, and the light coming in, and the pendant light.

  1. Will said:

    Oooooo this is one yummy home tour. That kitchen is so stylish…love it!

  2. Lorna said:

    Love the bathroom and dining room but the kitchen is too much for me. What a fab place though

  3. M said:

    Will – its funny but i always thought i wanted a white kitchen but kitchen with warm coloured wood gets me everytime.

    Lorna – that bathroom is now in my top five.

    hope you both had a nice weekend.

  4. sharon said:

    hi mel – so sorry i havent been to visit for ages now. sooo many nice things to catch up on too, well done for such great posts! thanks for your comment on mine earlier….the lolly moulds (yes arent they cute?!) are from laura ashley – in the sale the end of last summer. it was the last one as i would definitely got more of them if they had them! sx

  5. M said:

    No problem at all Sharon. thanks for info on the lolly moulds.
    Mel x

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