Foodie Friday: Juniors Cafe

Its Friday people! Finally. I am always on the look out for local cafes with decent choices on their menus instead of the usual crappy stuff. (Bread with some more bread on top) Well Juniors Cafe is not exactly close to where I live but I am willing to travel as their brunch menu looks yummy. And its kind of halfway between my place and my good friend J’s, who also likes good food choices.

  1. juniors is by far one of my favourite places to eat in dublin…

    especially on a not so perfect day when the heaters are on and they provide blankets for customers…thats a nice touch…

    it’s a we bit of the beaten track which is the only downside…other than that everything is great…the sandwiches are amazing…the coffee is good…grab your own water and cutlery….funny and friendly waiting staff…

    and anytime i’ve happened to be there i’ve always been able to do a wee bit of star spotting…there’s always someone from rte or tv3 seems to digging the menu too…

    tell me what you think after you’ve been…you won’t be dissappointed…

    • M said:

      Thanks richy. I might try it next Saturday.

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