West Elm – whatever!

West Elm have a lovely new mirror that is a mix between the African Juju hat and a sunburst mirror. Two on trend items in one. I hate that term – on trend – but I thought I would use it to impress you all with my industry jargon. Anyway I don’t care about West Elm and their stupid – we don’t ship to foreign countries policy. Who are they calling foreign! They’re foreign! Only joking people.

Actually its good that West Elm don’t ship to Ireland as I don’t have any money anyway. Thank you West Elm. (see how fickle I am?)

The mirror looks gorgeous in the bedroom setting below. So if you are stateside enjoy! Don’t worry about me here, all mirrorless and lonely.

1 comment
  1. lornagfli said:

    I contacted a company in England some time ago re their shipping to Ireland and you’d think I lived in Outer Mongolia – no, they didn’t ship from England to Ireland!!


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