Carlingford, Ireland

Originally we had planned a walking tour of The Dingle Way for my dads visit but it was not to be. First up my back injury was still on the mend. Then the volcano ash delayed my dads flight. However they eventually landed in Ireland three days later. We decided to still tackle part of the walk but the night before heading down to Dingle my dad picked up a nasty stomach bug. It took two days before he felt better but then my little brother caught the bug! We gave it another day before giving up on the idea of Dingle. But all was not lost as we decided on a two day trip to Carlingford before they had to head back to Australia. Carlingford is only about an hours drive from Dublin and has everything you need in a short trip away. Mountains to climb, water for staring at or splashing in, medieval castles, great pubs and excellent restaurants! Here are some pics I took and edited on my iPhone. I downloaded a fantastic app for editing. And I am writing this post on my iPhone! IPhones are the business!

    • M said:

      Thanks mise. I think I went a little overboard on the colour saturation but hey I really like my colours to pop on my country walks. 😉

  1. Will said:

    I love country walks, these photos are fab!

  2. M said:

    Thanks Will. I am still learning how to use the phone on the road. It does make life so much easier when you don’ have to carry a camera and laptop or if you just get inspired by something while you are out and about.

  3. ww said:

    That is gorgeous! I want to go now too! 🙂

  4. Ailish said:

    Nice app indeed!! Am from Carlingford myself so am really glad you enjoyed it – looks like you had lovely weather.

  5. Looks lovely! Dingle was one of my favorite spots when I visited. I will have to make a note to check out Carlingford next time around–looks magical!

  6. Lorna said:

    Sorry to hear some of your family were poorly when they visited but sounds like you had a great time.
    Congrats on your iphone. I keep thinking I should get one but am aware I may become addicted to it!!

  7. carlingford is one of my favorite little spots in ireland…it was a halfway stop for me of sorts between armagh and dublin…an hour from either spot…

    i love the tiny little streets…

    you have to check out fitzgeralds restaurant the next time you venture there…

  8. PS – which app did you use?

    I have photosharp downloaded to my i-phone…not so sure if its the best or not…

    • M said:

      Hi richy, the app is photogene. It’s fantastic. Takes your photos from drab to fab. 🙂

  9. M said:

    glad you all like the pics.
    Lorna – thanks. get one! get one!
    Tracy – I love DIngle – heading down to kerry this weekend actually. i hope the weather is nice
    Ailish – we had great considering it was meant to rain.
    WW – carlingford is the biz.

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