Paris: our apartment

Here is where I have been eating my breakfast for the past few mornings.

  1. Will said:

    Are you serious?! What a great spot; I bet it’s at its best first thing in the morning, too!

  2. Lorna said:

    Ooh, nice and it looks like you are having a ball around the markets too

  3. JEN RAMOS said:

    LOOKS so cozy and relaxing…lucky you!!

  4. M said:

    Will – yes and it the light was amazing first thing (well around 11am).

    Lorna – Now if only I could somehow swing it that my fulltime job was to scour
    french flea markets.

    Jen – I felt very lucky and the apartment was stunning. Pics coming up very soon.

  5. albaper said:

    The apartment looks amazing! Won’t you share the address? If I travel to Paris some day, I’d love to stay there.

  6. M said:

    Hi Albaper – No problem I will email you the owners details. I have more pics coming so stick around.


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