Commercial Interior Design: Australia Post

Why can’t all workplaces look this good? Working in an office building for the national postal service doesn’t need to be boring you know! Just look at Australia Post. Now where did I leave my laptop? Was it on the red floor or the green floor?

BTW Australia Post, all is forgiven for taking so long in sending letters from home.

Design Practice – Dana Hutchins. Sue Solly, John Lenagan, Robyn Lindsey, Mark Bedford and Michele DiGiorgio

Photography – Tyrone Branigan

  1. Interesting interior, thanks for sharing.
    After studying the photographs for a minute I realized that this interior really lacks distinction- it could be any building type for virtually any type of company. Where’s the branding? The company personality?

    In the middle photograph, what material is the divider in the very center of the photo? Also, any idea on what product the yellow-patterned glass is?

  2. That is really cool; kind of like the color coding in parking garages extrapolated to an aesthetic.

  3. its like a traffic light…red, green…yellow…

    i love the yellow artwork/pattern on the glass partitioning…

  4. M said:

    Caitlin – I guess the marketing department haven’t been let lose yet but I kind of like the fact its not branded. The divider looks like it is made from metal. In regards to the pattern, I tried to search for the design company but they don’t appear to have a site?? But their number is ++ 61 3 9654 3644. Hope that helps

    Bridget – I thought the same thing when I looked at the top pic.

    Ricky – same here. I hate meetings for the sake of meetings but maybe I would not mind so much if the meeting room was like the one above.

  5. The office is so transparent. I think you can’t have any privacy for this type of interior design for the office..
    John Taylor
    liverpool blinds

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