Online store: Hidden Art Shop

Lovin this green wine rack from the Hidden Art Shop. Although wine racks are wasted on me as wine disappears as soon as it arrives in my place.

And I love this colour clock too. As long as it doesn’t tick too loudly. I hate ticking clocks. I blame my neurotic father.

  1. Will said:

    That wine rack is lots of fun! Like you, I doubt there would ever be much wine on it…!

  2. That used to be the way with me too, then I started ordering wine by the case. It turned my life around.

  3. chala said:

    i want one that wine cactus too!! looks fun!

  4. M said:

    Glad to know I am not the only, thanks will.

    Mise – you truly are a genius!

    Albaper – you too are a genius. Empty bottles! I have plenty of them.

    Chala – and it can hold bottles containing fun! Brilliant.

  5. MEW said:

    I love the clock, its so cool like the colour wheel
    where can I buy it and how what is the price?

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