Restaurant Interiors: Pizza East

If I opened a pizza place I would like it to look like the Pizza East restaurant. Simple, inviting, warm industrial (i just made that up, you can use it if you want) and of course serves the best pizza in town.

  1. albaper said:

    Nice place! Is it in Dublin?
    I’m a product designer and I’ve recently started my own blog of the places I like in my city or when I travel (, so it was nice to discover your blog through this post and see that sometimes designers have common interests… I love the vintage stools and the long tables.
    By the way, I like your linen cloth with the zebra (and congratulations for a nice blog!)

  2. M said:

    albaper – the restaurant is actually in london unfortunately… for me. And thanks for the compliments on the zebra tea towel and blog. and the next time I am over in barcelona i will be sure to check out your blog for tips on where to eat.

    Kseverny – welcome! stop by anytime.

  3. ah i really want to go the whole way to london now just to call in there for a pizza…

    i guess i’ll inform lahndahn friends of the whereabouts…

    excellent refined eatery indeed for a pizza house…i love the long table that has a hollowed section for the wine bottles…

  4. annie said:

    100% agree! I spend pretty much every Sunday there, I love it! The pizzas are awesome. Did you try the tomato salad? Sounds boring but it is amazing. And they always have the coolest retro muzak playing. As with any good restaurant it’s about quality of ingredients. And I love the industrial chic too, concrete is a surprisingly beautiful material.

  5. steph said:

    i love the phrase “warm industrial”! i think it describes my favorite decor style perfectly! šŸ™‚

    • M said:

      Thanks Steph! Glad you stopped by.


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