Signing off for 2009!

I still can’t believe we are at the end of 2009 but I have high hopes for 2010.

Another thing I can’t quite believe is that I have managed to post on a regular basis. Thats not like me.

But I guess when you enjoy something it is easy to stick with it.

So Happy Christmas to you all and I will be back around the 11 January with loads of news.

Here is a sneak peak of the gaff I will be staying in for five days next April.

  1. hiya…i’m a new visitor to your blog and i’m already hooked by this post alone


    where are you staying? looking forward to more posts and watching your blog in 2010…

    adh mor…richy

  2. M said:

    Welcome richy, the apartment is in Paris. I am really looking forward to the trip.

  3. M said:

    thanks ally. april can’t come quick enough.
    congrats on your new purchase! can’t wait to see what you do with the place.

  4. wow that is stunning – looking forward to seeing how you get on – hoping Paris will be on the cards soon!

  5. M said:

    hey dee – so am I.

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