Foodie Friday: Laduree

Are Laduree Macaroons really worth the money? A new Laduree shop has popped up in Dublin. It currently resides in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street. Now I have only admired them from afar as I can’t bring myself to pay that much for a biscuit / cake. Has anyone out there tried them? They do come in pretty boxes which probably reduces the pain a little.

  1. I have tried them Mel and they are quite delicious but I would buy them for the pretty packaging more than the macaroons to be honest! I actually tried to get them in stock to sell on Mabel & Violet but Laduree weren’t interested in selling to me, they told me to go to Brown Thomas instead! 😦

  2. sharon said:

    oh mel, they are my faaaaavvvvourite! in fact i was back in there again today with my mother in law to have a little oogle (having been there with my own mum a few weeks ago!)….i just like to treat myself to one as i’m passing and not think about the money too much….watch my space though as they have been on my hit list to perfect once i get over the two year oven-less period of my life (which has now happened but has been swamped with christmas baking!) sx

  3. M said:

    Paula – the packaging is pretty! Shame they didn’t want you to stock them. But then again you might have been tempted to eat all the profits.

    Sharon – I will be keeping a keen eye out for your recipe but in the meantime maybe i will try one. It will be chocolate.

    Merry Christmas to you both. and to anyone else reading this comment section! 🙂

  4. Lorna said:

    I have to admit that while I love the packaging I’m not that keen on the taste, think they are v over rated, but others adore them.

    Happy christmas to you Mel and hope you have a fabulous 2010 xx

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