My Christmas Tree

Here is a little peak at my christmas tree and the fake christmas presents. Yes thats right everyone, I have not started or even thought about my christmas gifts. However I did manage to at least send my Australian christmas cards on time (last day) this year. I was so chuffed with myself that I became very blase about the whole christmas to do list. Well at least I look organised and thats half the battle really.

Actually I made those paper snowflakes. I know you all probably thought they were shop bought but no I made them. Really is there no end to my talent.

And here is what the christmas tree will look like when I come home from the next christmas do.

  1. Lorna said:

    Love the wrapping paper.

    I love the name of Formality in the Cowshed, let alone their products I remember coming across them before I started my business and thinking what a fabulous name for their business

  2. Ah, that’ll be a good Christmas do. I can feel the waves of festive levity coming from your place – keep that spirit up!

  3. No Mel, there is no end to your talent! Love the disco baubles too and oh my, what a CD collection you have in your house!!

  4. M said:

    Lorna – the wrapping paper is my 2009 stendig. the calendar that just keeps giving.

    Mise – I am off to another christmas do tonight so I guess I will be seeing the above on my arrival home. when will i ever learn not to drink on a school night.

    Paula – thanks. šŸ™‚ and the collection is mostly D’s. But a fair whack are mine. I must pull out a few old favourites to play over the christmas break.

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