The Living Store is back

I don’t normally like to go near the shops on a Sunday but I had no choice due to running out of face cleanser, face cream and shampoo. My poor poor little wallet. How is it possible to run out of these items at the same point in time when they come in different size bottles and you use them at different rates?

Anyway passing by the old Living Store I noticed they are back so I popped in for a quick look. Well they have slashed the prices on most items so if you are looking for a pressie for the house or design obsessed then you might find such pressie here.

Floor Lamp – was €299 now €199

Umbrella Wall Clock – was €99 now €59

Chrome Jewellery Stand – was €45 now €25 (sorry for the blurry photo)

Mega Office Floor Lamp – was €449 now €199

  1. oooh, I love the Mega Office Floor Lamp!
    Have you been in the Arnotts Project in the Jervis Centre? They have gorgeous huge lamps like that in bright green and also in pink. Love them!

    • M said:

      Hi Rachel – welcome. Believe it or not I have yet to check out the Arnotts in Jervis Centre. Thanks for the tip.

    • M said:

      Mise – I was pretty impressed by the new price too. They had a white one too which was very very hard to resist.

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