DIY Christmas decorations

OK I am over my little upset from last friday and I am making friends with Christmas again. So much so I even have my Christmas tree sitting next to me waiting for some fairy lights and disco balls. Photos will follow in the next day or two. I am also thinking about hanging a wreath on our door even though we are in the end apartment and no one actually walks past our door. I like the idea of making my own like the one below.

DIY Christmas Wreath
To make a wreath that really lasts, raid the wrapping-paper stash and search for offcuts in the sewing basket. Cut them into squares and layer them onto a cardboard ring to create a bright, bohemian, mini masterpiece. Decorating Tip: Finish it all off by adorning your handmade wreath with details such as bird cut-outs and buttons. They add a charming touch.

Instructions and pics from

  1. That wreath is great! Can’t wait to make some time for homemade decorations – gah, time is already running out!


    • M said:

      Aideen – I am going to forgo my TV watching on Thursday night to write out my christmas cards and make a wreath. Well maybe I could switch the telly on for background noise and still complete the cards and wreath. See I am useless.

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