Budget Bedroom by Marie

Marie is an interior stylist from the UK and is currently setting up home in my old town, Sydney. Since she is only staying for a year she is very wisely keeping costs to a minimum. I should clarify that the majority of rental properties in Australia come unfurnished. You even have to provide your own fridge and washing machine! This never bothered me when I lived there but it is a problem if you are only stopping for a year or two.

Anyway Marie’s bedroom is simply gorgeous and its no wonder she has found work as a stylist already.

Here is her moodboard for the bedroom makeover –

and the budget bedroom!

Simply stunning! I love the cushions she made from silk scarves and the colours she chose for the bed and the otherwise drab Ikea wardrobe.

  1. marie said:

    Wow – I love this. Ideas for dressing up Ikea basics are always welcome : )

    • M said:

      Marie – I often wonder why i haven’t painted all my furniture by now!

  2. I particularly like the painted stool as bedside table – very unassuming and stylish.

  3. sharon said:

    just gorgeous…thanks for introducing me to her lovely site & blog too! s x

  4. Joanne said:

    Love your bedroom, it’s amazing just what you can achieve on a budget.

    • M said:

      Hi Joanne – Marie is a very talented woman. You should check out her blog. Link is in the post above.


  5. Helen said:

    I love the spotty bedding, I have recently invested in some white bedding with poppies on it, and it really does look truly amazing. I have also put some fluffy red cushions on the bed to give it a homely feel, it works and it was all done on a tight budget.

  6. sara said:

    The secret to having a good look for the bedroom is NOT to follow the fashion have something which is truly unique. This way you can not only impress you friends but you have something which nobody else has, and this is exactly what you have achieved with your bedroom makeover.

  7. julia said:

    I think that the most simplest of makeovers can often look great. I transformed my bedroom simply by changing the curtains, bedspread and adding a few pictures to the walls.

    • M said:

      Hi Grace,

      Marie certainly has a great eye for colours and styling. Thanks for popping by.


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