Gumtree: Bridal Shop clearance

If you are in the market for some french style furniture then you might be interested in this offer. A bridal shop located in Dublin 2 is clearing out the following furniture and equipment.

Wedding table Wedding chair

• 3 Mirrors for a Changing Room to be fixed to the wall – €80 each

• 5 Female Bust Manequins – €50 each

•1 Child Manequin – €30 each

• Display Shelving Unit with a Mirror backing, 4 shelves – €350

• French Chateau White Table with a Glass Top – €350

• armchairs (can be painted to likening) – €50 each

• 1 Sewing Machine Nfaff – €200

• 5 Free Standing Rails on Castors (ideal for a Stock Room) – €80 each

• Display Hanging Rails for Show Room with glass shelves to hang gowns (fixed to walls) €900

• Raspberry Taffeta Curtains with Velcro Tab Top (easy to put up and light) – all for €100

• Office Desk (with fold out section) – €150 (plus free chair)

• 1 Charles Hoover (Dry and Wet cleaning) – €75

• 10 -15 Gold Picture Frames – €10 each

1 comment
  1. Hilary said:

    Wow great find Mel! I would love to get the round glass top table and chairs….!

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