Bargains at the Bargain Shop

Innocently strolling over to the cinema on Parnell Street over the weekend I passed the Bargain Shop @ Arnotts on Middle Abbey Street. Its been a long time between visits so I thought why not pop in.

bargainstore front

Now Christmas decorations are piled high in the first half of the shop but if you push on through to the back you might find one or two unchristmasy items. Like the two lamps below –

bargainstore blue lamp

bargainstore blue lamp2

There was no price on the lamps so I asked the shop assistant who was unable to locate a price either. He said I could have them for 15 euro each which I responded by thanking him followed by a quick exit before I had the chance to say I’ll take em’! I need another set of lamps like I need my car to fail its NCT tomorrow. So rather than let this bargain go unrewarded I thought I would share. I know – I am pretty nice like that. Believe me if I thought I would get away with sneaking in another two lamps these babies would be living with me right now. (And they don’t even go with any of my current decor.)

  1. marie said:

    That shop is dangerous! I still daydream about the fabric deckchairs I nearly bought over the summer.

  2. M said:

    Marie – Hopefully they will be there next summer.

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