Foodie Friday: Chicken Soup

Some say Chicken soup is food for the soul and I have to agree. When its pouring rain outside or I am feeling a little unwell I love nothing more than a bowl of homemade chicken soup. Its also a great way to use the leftover roast chicken too.


And here is

D’s world-famous© chicken soup
(all measurements are approximate. in fact, there are no real measurements used in this world-famous recipe.)
For delicious chicken soup, enjoy a roast chicken dinner the night before.
Pick the carcass as clean as possible of the meat and save this for later.
Chuck the chicken bones in a pot along with a large onion quartered plus a couple of crushed garlic cloves and cover with a lot of water. use plenty as you want most to evaporate leaving a tasty reduced stock.
Boil furiously for around an hour and a half, checking occasionally that there’s still some water left.
Strain the stock into a jug, and pick through the bones again for any remaining scraps of meat adding them into the jug. Mind your fingers as the bones are very hot. it usually is a good idea to wait a while for the bones to cool down.
Rinse out the pot and lob in a good knob of butter allowing it to melt over a low heat.
Dice 2 large onions and add them to the pot. increase the heat and sweat the onions for about 3 minutes. add the reserved stock and bring to the boil.
Place a chicken or vegetable stockcube into the jug and add a pint and a half of boiling water, mixing it thoroughly. Add this to the pot.
Slice and cube any vegetables you have lying around (carrots, parsnips, turnip, sweet-potato – whatever your tastebuds decide – ordinary potato cubed creates a lovely thickened texture) and drop them into the pot.
Throw in a great big handful of herbs – the fresher the better – and don’t be afraid of throwing in some more. Dried italian or herbs-de-provence are fine too. just remember that lots work best.
add whatever chicken meat you saved earlier into the pot.
Allow to simmer for about an hour. No lid.
This should produce a delicious, hearty and satisfying chicken soup.

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