Real home renovations from LE

I love checking in every now and then on the Living Etc’s See My Home forum. Always great inspiration.

Here is Evap’s little House In Surrey

LE SM living room LE SM 4kitchen

LE SM 3livingroomdetail LE SM 6testbathroom

And here is Olive’s house in Manchester

LE SM2 image01l LE SM2 image06sr


  1. Hilary said:

    ooohhh i love Evaps living room. Living etc is great, i posted some of my own home pictures ther but i couldn’t figure out how to actually make the pictures come up so its just a link to my pictures which is not so easy for people 😦

  2. M said:

    hilary – its stunning isn’t it. the art on the wall, the pink cushion, the grey sofa, the lamp shade – love it all!

  3. Hilary said:

    The picture really is fab, i love how you can create whole room around a picture..sometimes finding ‘the one’ isnt so easy!

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