Foodie Friday: Observer’s Food Monthly Mag

Pre – cohabitation D had a little Sunday routine where he would buy the Observer newspaper in the afternoon, head to the pub for a read and of course a pint. Now since I moved in, allegedly, I have upset some of his rituals. He stills buys the newspaper every Sunday but only occasionally reads it over the pub or alternatively during the week if we were out and about on Sunday interacting with people or god forbid – nature!! 🙂

I think I may have gone totally off the point – this post is about food and the fact that The Observer has a Food Monthly Magazine and back in July they had a great article that listed 100 easiest, fastest recipes, Ever. D tried one of the recipes out during the week and it was out of this world fantastic. De-lic-ious!!!


Penne with Asparagus

Boil three handfuls of penne rigate.

Trim a bunch of the freshest asparagus you can get and cut it into cross sections that match the size of the pasta shapes.

Throw them into the same water for the pasta’s last minute.

Separate two eggs, keeping only the yolks.

Grate a fistful of parmesan and pick a bunch of basil.

Drain the pasta and asparagus, and return it to the pot, off the heat.

Add a tablespoon of butter, the egg yolks, the basil and the cheese.

Fold together quickly, season to your liking and eat.

TIP: When asparagus goes out of season you can make the same dish with peas straight from the pod.

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  1. Adding egg yolks to pasta is something I’ve never tried. I always half-imagined a scrambled egg and pasta mix. I’m clearly very wrong. Thanks for the recipe!

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