Foodie Friday – Raw Chocolate?

I recently attended the Rude Health fair at the RDS a couple weeks back to meet the god of Low GL – Dr Patrick Holford. Anyway I missed out on his seminar as it was full. So to console myself I tried out some raw chocolate and then watched a ‘cooking’ demonstration on how it is made. Chocolate makes me happy and Holford doesn’t allow normal chocolate. He is very mean. But guess what – raw chocolate is low GL! Yippee. Ok I have probably lost half of you at this stage but – Chocolate that is good for YOU! All you need is to track down some agave nectar (plant from Mexico) and maca and you are all set.

Recipe from So Organic Blog


60g grated cacao butter
2 tbsp maca
3 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp agave nectar

Directions: Bring a small full pan of water to boil. Place a glass bowl on top of the pan ensuring the bottom of it does not touch the water. Add grated cacao butter and stir continuously. Raw cacao butter has a low melting point (38°C). If it is allowed to heat above this it’s molecular structure begins to change, which will affect its beneficial nutrients. Dip a finger in to check it doesn’t get too hot (should only be moderately warm) Once melted add the maca and cocoa powder. Once dissolved add the agave nectar. Then add mixture to chocolate moulds or ice cube trays and put in the fridge to harden. Depending on your taste buds you may wish to add a little salt and fresh vanilla bean.

However if you are lazy and want instant gratification you can buy it from Natasha’s Living Food. She makes the best Chocolate Truffles ever – And I should know as I’ve tasted a lot of chocolate in my time.


  1. elaine said:

    i’ve tasted natashas chocolate she still in temple bar food market ?,its been a while since i was there ( she has some stuff in nolans supermarket in clontarf but only a small selection )

  2. M said:

    According to her website her chocolates are still available in Temple Bar Food Market as well as the Organic Food Market in Newmarket SQ. Hmmm I think I might need to take a wander tomorrow just to make sure.

  3. M said:

    mise – Definitely – infact I couldn’t tell the difference.

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