52 Suburbs

I think this new blog, 52 Suburbs, is going to make me a little homesick. Louise has lived in Sydney for 30 years and realised recently that there is so much of  Sydney yet to discover. Sydney is made up of 637 suburbs (I didn’t know this!) and Louise plans on discovering 52 new suburbs over the next year.




Speaking of Sydney! The photograph below is of a cyclist underneath the Harbour Bridge during the recent red dust storm. Very surreal.


Pic from The Guardian

  1. Lorna said:

    I saw photos that someone has posted on Twitter (hadn’t seen it on the TV news at all) and the photos were incredible. Do you have family living in Sydney, are you hearing first hand reports of living with it? Maybe we shouldn’t complain about our rain so much!! Have a lovely weekend,

  2. Is it possible that not all suburbs are simply cookie-cutter duplications of one another? Say it isn’t so! How will we suburbanites ever live-up to our “pedestrian reputations” if you are out there de-bunking the myth!

    : – )

    Thanks for believing in us.

    Denise Burks

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