Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday may or may not become a regular thing. I certainly hope it does and I am trying to convince one of my good friends – who is an absolute star in the kitchen – to write a post once a week for Design Heaven. She makes one of the best Thai Curries this side of the equator.

I love food, especially when it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling for hours after. I usually find this feeling follows food that is made with fresh wholesome produce and minus the crap you find in most packaged food these days.

SO am I a happy camper that D loves making this bread recipe we found on You Tube. No Knead Bread is so simple you will wonder why you ever bothered with shop bread.

HomeMadeBread 2

HomeMadeBread 1 V2

  1. That looks pretty tasty. I’ve been experimenting with home-made butter so this would be a perfect match for it.

  2. Lorna said:

    That looks gorgeous – will check out the recipe later. I have a fabulously tasty and easy recipe for brown bread that I will share sometime. Brid – do share the recipe for home-made butter – need to add value to our milk! so would love to try it.

  3. M said:

    MMMmm – homemade bread and butter. ooh i think its lunchtime!

  4. Lorna said:

    Just watched the vid. Was it 2 cups flour? Self raising or plain? What temp did you bake it at and for how long?
    Gonna get some yeast tomorrow and try it. It looks gorgeous. is that your bread that is photographed above?

  5. On the same day I started my food postings but I will not be doing Food Fridays (as I originally thought I would) as I now see you are doing it on fridays – I’ll just do Food any other day of the week:) I guess it’s that we all love food and of course need it so it seems like an obvious thing to add to our blogs.

  6. M said:

    hi lorna – yes its ‘our’ bread’ in the photo above. 🙂 well D made it but i am taking credit for it too.
    The guy in the video mentions that the flour is just regular all purpose flour. And its three cups of flour.

    Hi Lisa – great minds and all that. When it comes to sharing recipes or posts about food – the more the better I say!!

  7. sharon said:

    uuummm..that looks yummy mel – really crusty which i love! hope you are well…sharon x

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