Photo envy

I love love love this photo. I am not sure how the little hearts were achieved but I am definitely going to find out and try it out on a pic of my favourite spot. Thanks Kelly for such a lovely pic and I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon.

yesplease blog loveheart photo

  1. Paula said:

    This is gorgeous, I’d also love to know how it was achieved so please share if you find out Mel

  2. M said:

    I have a feeling its two photos blended together in photoshop. A photo of out of focus lights which have been shaped into hearts layered over the pic of the beach.
    But i will definitely post a tutorial when i find out how to do it. Unless someone already has a tut and would like to share????

  3. M said:

    drom – thank you so much for the link. i can’t wait to try this out!

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