Special offers at Garrendenny Lane Interiors


The lovely Lorna over at Garrendenny Lane Interiors is currently running September Special Offers to cheer us all up now that summer is officially over!

A different product every day will be on special offer and once it is gone, it’s gone.  For some products, there may be only one or two left, others there may be ten or more.  New products will be up by 9.30ish each morning.

So, whether it is something you’ve had your eye on for some time, a treat for yourself or maybe you’re getting started on your Christmas shopping, check out the Garrendenny Lane Online shop each morning.

Today’s special offer is the Designer guild Tullgarn Noir Bedlinen


And do check out Lorna’s blog while you’re there – she mixes great interior design tips with tales of living on a working farm with her lovely husband and two children.

  1. Lorna said:

    Thanks for the mention Mel, appreciate it.

    By the way, there’s another blog watch feature coming up in Munster Interiors this month – you’ll recognise most, if not all of them I’d imagine 🙂

  2. M said:

    Lorna – you are more than welcome.

    Oh I will definitely keep an eye out for the next edition and congratulations on getting a regualr slot in the magazine.

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