Me old china… er cabinet

A few years back my mum moved from a big house into a very small apartment close to the city. She has since moved up the coast but when she made the original move all of the family furniture was divvied up amongst my brothers. Some of this stuff was dragged all the way from the UK in 1974 when my parents moved to Australia. I missed out. Well in fairness its because I live all the way over here. 😦

I guess that’s my punishment for moving so far away from my mother!

But one thing I really would have knocked old grannies over for was our old china cabinet. There was probably nothing special as far as antiques go but it had a special aura. Mainly because that’s where all the good stuff was stored and only came out on special occasions or when we had guests my mum was trying to impress. And the occasional bottle of booze – which didn’t interest me as a child – but the fancy glasses with gold etchings that sat next to the booze did.

I guess I could scour the second hand classifieds and I might get lucky but nothing beats good old sentimental value.

rearranged design house tour china cabinet

flickr 1930s wlanut china cabinet brooklyn vintage

Pic 1 – from Rearranged Design House Tour

Pic 2 – from Brooklyn Vintage

  1. I know exactly what you mean about sentimental value – I’m a great big softy when it comes to furniture!

    Do you have Freecycle in Ireland? (sorry if that’s a stupid question :)). When we were furnishing our flat (and had NO money) I managed to pick up a couple of lovely bits of antique furniture this way. They’ve ‘bedded down’ really well and I’m now totally in love with them…

  2. Oh that brings back the memories of the very same sort of china/drinks cabinet in my grandparents’ house. Wallpapered on the back, sliding doors, full of brandy and delicate china. I wonder whether I’m grown up enough yet to own a drinks cabinet.

  3. So weird, my dad called me last night and said the cabinet I just bought at the GoodWill was on your site. I got it for $80 and I LOVE it. I was thinking about painting it but I cannot decide if it would ruin it? But, I am going to use it for my husbands beautiful, crystal, decanters. One is from Ireland and one is from Scotland! So I really think you should look for one, I know they are out there.

  4. M said:

    Cowdy – We have a site called Dublin Waste which is a list of free furniture people would otherwise dump. fingers crossed some mad person wants to throw out a lovely china cabinet.

    Mise – If you no longer invite loads of people back to your house for all night parties then you are ready for a drinks cabinet. 🙂

    Mary – that is weird. And I’m flattered you dad reads my blog!
    Don’t paint it if the wood is anywhere near as lovely as the two above. But then again it is totally up to you of course.

  5. Actually the wood looks old and tired and would probably benefit from a good paint job. Really, I just feel bad for it…I know it does not have feelings but I still feel sad. It is not nearly as pretty as the one above, it has a split in one of the bars between the legs, the back wood is peeling off in layers and some of the decorative trim is missing…Whatever I decide, I will send you a pic. Totally off the subject, I went to Dublin for the first time in June and had a blast! Our good friends are from Cork and Gallway and they showed us around all of Ireland. My fav. were the Cliffs of Mohar… Amazing!!! I am sure I misspelled all of those names, sorry.

  6. M said:

    Mary – i hope you managed to get some good weather while you were here. i think we had one of two weeks of good weather in june?? the rest of summer has been a wash out. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

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