One popular vase it would seem

This vase was on my recent Ikea wishlist. When I spotted this vase, designed by Hella Jongerius, I thought it was a small vase. So I was very surprised by its size when I came across it later in Ikea. The size threw me at the time so I couldn’t make a decision as to whether I had a place for it. But its like the vase is calling out to me by popping up on other blogs.  So it remains on the wishlist.



i think its destiny do you?

Pic 1 – featured on The Styles Files – Danielle’s living room

Pic 2 – featured on Decor8 – house tour of Yves Drieghe

Pic 3 – featured on Nina Invorm – Nina’s home tour

  1. Macy said:

    I’ve been to Ikea more times that I should really admit lately, but now I have to go back one more! I was so focused on furniture that I didn’t spend hardly any time at all in their accessories dept. I just found like 4 I pretty much have to own. I actually just made a post on my love/hate relationship with them :]

    Cognitive Dissonance

    • M said:

      Thanks Mise – I am hoping to put up a little home tour soon.
      Macy – The people at Ikea definitely know how to get you hooked. I have resisted making it a regular weekend thing since it opened here about a month ago. I am doing ok so far. I am just so grateful to my family and friends for helping me through this, without them I would be sleeping outside Ikea waiting for the doors to open each day.

  2. Yes, destiny for sure. We’re all looking forward to a photo of it in your place to add to the set.

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