A bathroom with a view

I like the idea of taking a long luxurious bath but always feel a little claustrophobic when I do. Its more to do with the heat of the water, I find it hard to breathe. Then there is little to do except look at the tiles or the ceiling. I know you’re suppose to relax but I just get all hot and bothered and bored. Is that weird? Anyway I have come up with a solution. I need a bathroom and view like this.

Image from Erhard Pfeiffer

I would be equally ok with this shower

Image from Paper Costumes

and then I could eat breakfast of fresh blueberries and yoghurt in my cosy breakfast nook

Images from TGH Architects

  1. I am seriously loving that nook :).

    The bathroom’s fabulous too – but I think I might feel a bit exposed, if you know what I mean? I can just imagine this huge luxury cruiser floating by!

    • M said:

      hehe – yes i do. but in my fantasy beachfront house the windows are the kind you can see out but they can’t see in.

  2. I really like the breakfast nook – perfect for that hour of morning when you’re still in hiding mode and just aren’t ready to deal with wide open spaces.

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