I’m a winner!

I am one happy camper today.

Dottie Angel recently ran a summer apron giveaway on her fabulous and very humorous blog and low and behold my name was picked by her cute little dog, Olive.

Dottie Angel (aka Tif) makes one off pieces using recycled finds like vintage pillowcases, napkins and leftover fabric. She also reclaims vintage slips and adds her special touches before putting them in her Etsy shop for sale.

here is the fabulous apron!

and here is Olive. Too cute for words.

  1. Hilary said:

    Wohoo..congratulations Mel. How cute is that dog….awwwhhh i want a cuddle..how comfy her little bed looks too.

  2. M said:

    thanks hilary. i so want a puppy now after seeing pictures of olive.

  3. congrats… what a beautiful dog!

    love your blog!

    • M said:

      thanks dee and welcome to design heaven.

  4. az said:


    • M said:

      Thanks AZ

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