A good weekend

Sometimes the weekends whizz by without much happening but this weekend was full of little surprises.

We scored a new dining table from Oxfam on Francis Street for 40 euro and its exactly what I wanted.

and I set up a new work area for blogging / sewing / sketching using the old dining table. It needs some more finishing touches but I love having an area all of my own.

and finally the green thing I have been watering for two months finally sprouted a flower. I think I’m right in thinking this is a type of pansy? Whatever it is it made me happy to see the sunny little flower on Sunday morning.

  1. Its a nasturtium not a pansy. Its also edible (peppery taste) if I remember correctly.

  2. Cacamilis said:

    Great table – well spotted. I think that flower is a nasturtium which spreads like mad and tastes great in salads !

  3. M said:

    will and cacamilis – thanks for that. I was told what it was when I was given the cuttings but the only bit I remembered was it would produce pretty flowers. I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong as there were no flowers until yesterday. And what a bonus to find out you can put the flowers in salads!

  4. Hilary said:

    Wow.. what a find with the table! you must be chuffed…love the chairs too ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. elaine said:

    wow you did really well on that table,oxfam is usually so expensive ,great match for chairs, o’neills pub in pearse st. has the most amazing hanging baskets full of nasturtiums congrats on your ‘office’ space ,looking good

  6. M said:

    cheers elaine and hilary – I was very surprised to find such a bargain in oxfam too. There was a set of chairs with it but they were 160 for the set of four – so no bargain there.
    Elaine – there are two flowers today! i must pop by o’neills.

  7. Lorna said:

    Love the table and great with your chairs – hope you gave another fruitful weekend this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

    • M said:

      cheers lorna and welcome back. i hope you enjoyed your break away.

  8. Inma said:

    In Spain, we call this flower “Capuchina”. I love it, but mine is almost dying. I think thereยดs too much sun here in August. Its latin name is Tropaeolum majus. I found your blog searching for garden photos and I love it. Thank you!

    • M said:

      magenta – thank you and welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Festive said:

    The Nasturtiums are such a flexible plant and will look great in pots, hanging baskets or just in the ground. One of my favourites is a variety called ‘Alaska’ which has marbled foliage and isn’t quite as crazy as some of the other varieties.

  10. Good Job. You did it!! it is beautiful and you made it happen. Aren’t you proud?

    • M said:

      thanks nanette. ๐Ÿ™‚

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