I cracked and went to Ikea

Well I kind of knew I would. We did a quick dash yesterday lunchtime. Only spent half an hour in the marketplace. It was busy with loads of people pushing full trolleys. I just picked up some knives, a glass bottle and a plant pot. But now I have had a little fix I want more! And I received a gift voucher yesterday for my birthday so here is my latest wish list.

I love the knappa


Stunning vases!! I want all three!

And its very important to have good task lighting.


Oh I wish the Ikea website had a webcam so you could see how busy it is.

  1. Hilary said:

    OOOOhhhh i really want to go……what were the tills and the traffic like?? madness?

  2. M said:

    Actually the tills were fine considering the amount of people. found a till with only one person queuing. And the traffice was fine too. I guess it depends when you go.

  3. Hilary said:

    Cool, i am off work all next week so will defo be paying a visit!

  4. Macy said:

    Tee hee hee I went to Ikea yesterday too, and am going back again today!

  5. Can’t wait to go Mel! Have to get my fix!! Glad to hear it’s bussling with activity.

  6. M said:

    Macy – sounds like someone likes Ikea more than I.
    Lisa – I think Ikea will be bussling for awhile.

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