Just a quick post

I was trawling the Anthropologie website eyeing up their lovely shower curtains even though I don’t need a shower curtain when I spotted this amazing Lion jar. Very appropriate today as it just so happens to be my birthday. 🙂

So this post goes out to all those amazing Leos out there who are celebrating their birthday too!

lion from anthro

  1. elaine said:

    happy birthday to you,
    i was just looking at their website yesterday too!
    and was amazed to find they’ll deliver to here
    hope you have lovely day

  2. M said:

    thanks ladies. 🙂

  3. Macy said:

    SO cute! Happy birthday! What will you put in him?

  4. Lorna said:

    Many happy returns, hope you are out having a lovely birthday meal as I type this. 🙂

  5. M said:

    macy – chocolate biscuits maybe but I guess it would be a great vase too.

    Thanks lorna – I had a lovely meal and a bit too much wine.

  6. Just had my 40th on the 27th – love this adorable lion. Happy Birthday Mel!

  7. M said:

    happy belated birthday lisa.

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