More fabric

For a beginner I am collecting fabric at a rapid rate. I don’t really need another vice but at least this vice does not damage my health. Actually it is good for my health as it makes me happy just to look at fabric. Now if it could only make me jog every morning.

Here are some of my latest fabric purchases from Etsy seller Down Shadown Lane. Jennifer stocks Michael Miller, Amy Butler, Robert Kaufman plus many many more. And I am very happy with the delivery service. I ordered last Thursday, shipped Saturday and arrived here today! All the way from the US. It takes longer for something to arrive from the UK sometimes! This pic was taken with my phone camera but believe me they look a hundred times better in the flesh.


Bottom to the top –

Tina Givens – ZuZa in Lime (more olive green than lime though)

Michael Miller – Blossum in Clementine

Denyse Schmidt Katie – Daisy Bunch in Blue

Michael Miller – Birds of Norway in Espresso

  1. Lorna said:

    Lovely fabrics – more sewing maching time then – what are you planning to make?

  2. Macy said:

    The “Birds of Norway” is fantastic – with all the colors you could put it almost anywhere to add a splash of life to a room :]

  3. elaine said:

    beautiful fabrics there, now that you’ve started collecting you can say goodbye to any available storage space …good luck with your projects ,looking forward to seeing what transpires . .

  4. M said:

    Well i have a friend who is about to have her first baby so I thought a carry all bag?? i have made three half aprons so far so I think I better lay off on those for awhile otherwise people will think i’m just a one trick pony.
    I also like the idea of making a skirt with the blue daisy material. Birds of norway… i think a cushion cover?? or a skirt?

  5. M said:

    Rachel – the fabric looks amazing as a cushion cover. I am definitely going to make a cover now. And your other cushions are stunning as well. Good luck with your Etsy store.

  6. Have you come across the Heather Ross range of fabrics? Some etsy sellers stock them, and they are so beautiful. Bicycles, camper vans, and so forth, very charmingly done.

    • M said:

      Mise – i have and I believe she has a good book called Weekend Sewing?

  7. Rachel said:

    Thank you!
    If you are going for a plain coloured backing, I got a lovely matching green cotton in Murphy Sheehy which works nicely!

    • M said:

      Cheers Rachel – I will check out Sheehy’s next time I am in town.

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