Mixed bag of pictures

A cool way to display your recyclable wine bottles between visits to the bottle bank.


I love how long roses last – these guys on going on two weeks!

New chairs from Dekko

  1. Cacamilis said:

    Great chairs ! But why would anyone want to display their empties ? And imagine the dregs dripping onto the floor….

  2. M said:

    Hehe – i guess our empties build up quickly and i hate them sitting there in the box waiting to be taken to the bottle bank. really i can’t wait to move into a bigger place with a utility room where i can hide the recycling!

  3. I love the red chair. I’m also a fan of the wine thing, its not very practical but it does look cool.

  4. Mise said:

    That red chair is super – I can just imagine it as the perfect interview chair in a white New York style office to slightly unnerve the job applicant. I bought a cream office desk and filing cabinet from Dekko and was ever so pleased with them; I must head off for another browse there, as you’ve reminded me!

  5. M said:

    Welcome Margauxhf.
    Mise – I have been thinking of buying a sideboard from dekko so good to know the you were pleased with your purchases.

  6. Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been looking through your blog and it looks like you’ve found a lot of fun stuff. I’m excited to see more.

  7. your*

    (Sorry to leave another, fairly useless comment, but I saw the you’re mistake and it was going to drive me crazy if I didn’t fix it)

  8. M said:

    Margaux – what mistake? 😉

  9. Haha wait? Did I imagine I said “you’re” instead of “your”. I guess I’m just so horrified of making grammar mistakes I’m imagining them. Please excuse my crazy introduction, I must be having an off day.

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