Sewing Part 2

Last night I decided instead of watching crap TV I would make something on my new sewing machine. Well I did a quick search on the web and found a tutorial on how to make a half arpon. And the result ….

I love it! and I know exactly who I am going to give it to.

  1. annaelizc said:

    Thats fab! I love that fabric.
    I REALLy must try that pattern out, it would be great for gifts for a few people:)

  2. M said:

    Thanks Anna and Mise
    Anna – that was my first attempt so take it from me – its very easy to follow.

    Mise – wow those skirts are lovely. I may never need to clothes shop again! hehe

  3. sharon said:

    hey mel – thats fantastic, well done! glad you liked my napkins – they are sriously easier than your apron so you’ll run them up in no time – cant wait to see them!! s x

  4. M said:

    Thanks guys.

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