Camping could be fun after all

I ‘d definitely jump at the chance to go camping if I could stay in one of the following sleeper caravans! So cute and very retro recession chic.

Pics from VW Campervan Blog

  1. Lorna said:

    Perfect for the Electric Picnic!

  2. M said:

    There was someone camping in a sleeper trailer/van a couple years back at the picnic. I thought it was a great alternative to a tent especially in ireland where it could rain at any moment. I went on the search to see if I could hire one for the following year but couldn’t find anything on them until now. Looks like they are becoming more and more popular.

  3. sharon said:

    oh my goodness, heart palpitations! they are soooo gorgeous! i thought i was doing well dreaming of an airstream or even a cath kidston teepee tent!

  4. M said:

    i have been dreaming about these little guys all weekend.

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