Making it on your own

Sorry but I think I am having another one of those days. Do you ever feel like you are not living the life you should be living?

I guess everyone has one of those days and for some, those days turn into weeks until they can handle it no longer and they quit their day job!!

Etsy has a whole section dedicated to people who quit their day jobs.


(Hijirik Studio)

Very inspiring and very very tempting.



Have any of you quit your day job to follow your dream career / life?

  1. Lorna said:

    I did and just wish my dream job could be busier but that’s the economic climate for this year I guess!! I do love what I do but I do think every job/career has its downfalls. I love being self-employed but hate having to do paperwork but it goes with the territory.
    I think as more and more people are being made redundant this year, many seem to be taking a chance and launching their own business.

  2. Hilary said:

    Not yet…….but its a daily urge!!!! I so hear ya! I have that print for HiJirik in my bathroom….lets hope one day soon we’ll blogging about our escape!

  3. M said:

    hi lorna – I thought of you when i posted this. I too have a fear of paperwork but I would love the headache of it all if it were my very own.

    FF – lets hope we all get a chance to live what we love.

    Hilary – fingers crossed.

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