Hide it away

I spotted this cabinet on another blog awhile back and thought what a clever idea. And it has even more relevance now I need somewhere to set up my sewing machine.

Check out the full details on how to make your own hidden workspace on Martha Stewart’s site.

  1. Lorna said:

    Oh, my goodness, how fantastically organised – my family would think a changeling had occupied my body if I had one like that but isn’t it wonderful. Imagine being able to find a button when you want one and the right colour thread let along everything else – divine. Yes, I want one!

  2. M said:

    i think i would freak myself out if i was that organised. but i love how the project sounds very do-able. You just need two bookshelves, a hinge, a set of castors and away you go.

  3. tiina said:

    that is unbelievable! i want to build one too!

  4. M said:

    hi tina – i am definitely going to try this out one day. do send in a pic if you build one.

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