And here is one I made earlier.

Last Thursday I received my first ever sewing machine. Me? sewing? Oh how my mum is going to laugh and laugh at this post.

Anyway I decided I should try my hand at making something over the weekend, and I did much to my surprise. A cushion cover with a zip! Now I have not mastered the whole art of straight lines but it still turned out OK.

  1. Lorna said:

    Wow, snazzy sewing maching and cushion – well done 🙂
    I can remember making curtains for 2 houses one summer on an ancient Singer sewing maching bought at auction for £14, it was so old it didn’t even have a foot pedal but I could just about do a straight line with the speed of the hand wheel!

  2. M said:

    Thanks Lorna – the sewing machine only cost 40 euro so I think it has paid for itself already! Well, ok maybe after four original cushion covers I can make that claim.


  4. Mise said:

    Good for you! It’s so difficult to find anywhere in Ireland to make cushions from your own fabric at a decent price that it’s well worth doing yourself. Mind you, piping is one thing I never had the patience to master. I’d love to make my own duvet covers one day – different on both sides. Keep us posted on more cushion covers!

  5. M said:

    Thanks elaine & mise. Actually I can’t wait to try my hand at another cushion cover and maybe even a tote bag!

  6. Serena said:

    Oooh well done! I love the fabric – where’s it from?

  7. M said:

    Hi Serena –
    I bought the fabric over a year ago from Etsy seller – LuckyaeruFabric. And they still have some of the same fabric left. Click on the link below.

    Plus they have loads of other cool fabric to choose from.


  8. Serena said:

    Oooh fab – thanks very much for the link Mel!

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