Colourful interiors brought to by Family Living

Here are some colourful interiors from Family Living to cheer you up and help you to forget its raining! again!

  1. lovely, not sure about the carpet in the kitchen on that third one, if it was faux carpet aka lino now that would be good!
    thanks for your comment on mine, yes, that is julian mcdonald , i just love it
    and have to stop myself putting it everywhere.
    where will you put yours?

  2. M said:

    I was thinking the kitchen. There is one wall left that is screaming out for something. we are currenlty renting but the landlord is pretty happy with what we have done so far considering its free labour.

  3. Mise said:

    Those red and yellow lightshades relected in the big gilt mirror are wonderful.

  4. Lorna said:

    Love the window-seat, and the lampshades – agree with Elaine – v dubious re the carpet in the kitchen.
    You’re really excelling with the number of posts you’re writing lately – really enjoying reading them. I’m going to email you about something actually, must do it now while I think of it 🙂

  5. M said:

    Yes – not a fan of carpet in kitchens or bathrooms for that matter.

    Thanks Lorna! 🙂
    I have been trying to post once a day but sometimes time gets away from you.

  6. I love pretty much everything, not so much the carpet in the kitchen.
    But in general colours are great and vibrant. Very me!

  7. Serena said:


    I’ve tagged you – see my blog for details 🙂

  8. These are great – fab colours! Love the hanging lamps and fantastic wallpapers. thanks for sharing!

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