The sun is here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a view I don’t see very often from my office window. Blue Skies!!!!!!! Oh it is way too sunny to be inside.

car park

But I would much rather be here – in Stephens Green in town.


Photo credit – GISTS

And today I am mostly liking Sanderson’s Etchings and Roses rug.


  1. Hilary said:

    Its a miracle isn’t it…wohoo!!! Can’t wait to get out of the office and in to sunshine..hope it lasts for the bank holiday…Enjoy!!

  2. Serena said:

    Loving that rug. I’ve always got my eye out for nice ones, because so many are totally unimpressive – even if they cost a fortune…

  3. M said:

    Hilary – well looks like you got your wish. fantastic weather and a long weekend to boot!

    Ivory – its such a lovely park and I got to enjoy it on saturday afternoon.

    Serena – i know what you mean. The one above is so stunning, I really love it.

  4. Yes it seems summer is nearly here – everyone seems so much happier in my office too. The rug definately looks worth the money, would really stand out on a dark tiled floor – nice find!

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